Planning your Camino

You can walk it in sections, you can walk it in groups. But from the experiences of those who have gone before you – the memories of friendships made, stories told, and spiritual rewards gained – you will find this a gift for life.

There are a number of groups who are involved with planning walks along the Pilgrim Trail. The first group to ever walk our Camino Salvado were from St Joseph’s Church in Subiaco. We regard the St Josephs Camino Salvado as being our foundation stone – in fact the Trail Head is located in the grounds of the Church in Salvado Road Subiaco. They run two walks a year – usually in August/September. These are supported walks and follow a route which has been adapted to their needs.****Please note that the trail they follow, whilst base on the Pilgrim Trail does differ in some areas. And book early because it is a very popular Camino Salvado. For further information their webpage is:

St Joseph’s Camino Salvado

Inspiration Outdoors is another local walk group organiser. Click HERE for more information.

Adventurous Women  A group of intrepid women have also walked the trail.

ACCOMMODATION – suggestions only.

Swanleigh – Book Huddleston House and arrange for Tea and Coffee to be provided in house. Printout rooms layout and allocate Pilgrims to rooms and send through with Pilgrims and Meal Requirements confirmation 2 weeks prior.

Chittering Valley Eco Cabin – Eco Cabin AirBnB. Backs onto the Moondyne Reserve, with the front gate just 1km from the point where the Trail turns off Chittering Road into Wilson Road.

Peace Be Still – Advise arrange dinner menu when booking.

Windmill Farm

New Norcia

Should you wish to organize your own group, below is a list of things that may help you. It is by no means complete and each group will have their own special requirements. We add it merely as a list of ideas to help you make your experience special for you.

But before you set out on any trail walk, think about the risks that might crop up. So:

Click here to download our Draft Risk management for PTF copy



Click here to download PDF of Accommodation guide.

Click here to download Camino Salvado® Itinerary/Checklist

Click here to download Blister Care advice


  • Book accommodation at New Norcia for the following year as required.


  • Book Bus/coach transport to meet your needs. Remember that drivers will need to have appropriate licences.


  • It’s a nice courtesy to contact Local Councils from Perth to New Norcia and advise of scheduled walk and request updates on any possible road works or path interferences around dates.
  • The same goes for the Police and Main Roads to advise them of your  walk plans – especially through Chittering Valley.
  • Identify Bus Driver and Support Volunteers and confirm availability and dates available.


  • Review Pilgrims numbers
  • Send out Advert to any possible appropriate recipient groups
  • Email application to DPaW-WA to walk through Walyunga Park. They need advanced warning of groups going through their jurisdiction as they carry out controlled burns from time to time and also do ariel bating for vermin too. They can advise then of alternative trails to use.
  • Contact, State Equestrian Centre – good place for lunch day 2.
  • Contact Stringy Bark Restaurant/Winery in the Chittering valley if you want to stop for coffee and scones on day 4.


  • Start sourcing Bus Drivers and Support Drivers if not yet covered.
  • Contact Bindoon Bakehaus to arrange lunches for Day 4 – if required
  • Organise and Book Trailer for coach as required. Past experience has shown that a trailer is very handy for moving luggae when you have a full load on the coach.


  • Send out First Newsletter to Walkers registered thus far (Those registering after this should be sent all Newsletters sent by that time).
  • Schedule Meet and Greet for 2 weeks before walk departure and advise registered Walkers.
  • Review numbers of registered walkers and review media options.


  • Send out Second Newsletter to all Walkers.
  • Purchase plastic sheets for Walkers and Name Tags (name tags to go into each pack with Name on it and State in corner).
  • Confirm with, State Equestrian Centre, on dates, arrangements, and approximate arrival times.
  • Finalise route and Maps with Directions to be ready for printing.
  • Select/identify appropriate Leader for walk as necessary


  • Contact all Walkers to confirm Pairings for couples and friends sharing rooms, dietry REQUIREMENTS, Telstra Mobile Numbers, Emergency Contact Name and Number etc. and additional guest staying in New Norica (suggest this should be limited to 1 additional guest booked per person as accommodation numbers are limited). Will need to collect this information before Meet and Greet to enable time to put details together and send out in time.
  • Confirm Bus and Trailer and finalise amounts due. Contact Treasurer to make payments


  • Confirm final numbers (number confirmation, matches, and meal requirements to be finalised 2 weeks before departure and emailed/faxed through to accommodation and meal providers – telephone first to let them know) with accommodation providers.
  • Host Meet and Greet to advise Walkers of last minute details, enable questions, and opportunity for face-to-face meet before departure – (organise biscuits and tea and coffee to be provided between Committee).
  • Send out 3rd and final Newsletter to Walkers.
  • Meet with Bus and Support Drivers to go over the week and details. Include how money to be provided and additional receipts to be given to Treasurer for reimbursement.
  • Print out Maps,, Pedestrian Safety Printout, Telstra Numbers, First Aid Protocol, etc for Walkers.
  • Also Print out Emergency Contact, accommodations and dietary requirements for Bus and Support Drivers, and Leader for each walk.


  • Schedule Reunion and email Walkers all email addresses of their fellow walkers to remain in touch.
  • Printout Thank You Certificates for all Trail providers and supporters.
  • Send out feedback email (insert Word Document into email text).
  • Review feedback at Committee Meeting to secure plans for next year.
  • Update Registration Dates for next year.
  • Book accommodation for the next year – dates and general numbers.

Ensure all walkers and Support Drivers have their Packs. Give two-way walkie talkies to Leader.


–  Book dinner at Retreat Centre for 7.30pm (to allow Pilgrims to attend Vespers at 6.30pm), and breakfast booked for 7.30am (before 9am Mass). Request additional staff member for serving meal and packing up afterwards. Meal choice for dinner will need to be confirmed when sending through final numbers

19 thoughts on “Planning your Camino

  1. Hi
    Are there any maps available in order to plan the walking. We have a group of friends who would like to do it.
    Are there any organised walks we could fit into.
    Is there accommodation alternatives to camping along the way

    1. Hi Claire,

      Yes there is an organised group, who uses established accommodations along the route. I will give the group your email address to correspond with you directly. We will soon have map books available for sale on this website for those who choose to organise themselves and we are working towards featuring more accommodation providers as we continue to develop the trail. Thanks for your enquiry, and do let us know if you need any additional information. Warm regards, L-A

  2. Hi
    I am on long service leave in Term 3 this year and I would love to walk the Camino Salvado on my own. Are you able to supply me with maps and information on completing this amazing walk? I am a teacher at Irene McCormack Catholic College and we have a lovely connection with New Norcia and this experience would be invaluable.

    Thanks so much, it sounds amazing


    1. Hi Debbie, thanks for your enquiry, and so sorry for the delayed reply. We are a small group of volunteers and sometimes get way too busy. Can you please send me an email at with your request. The email is monitored more often the website comments at the moment, and that way we can correspond to you directly.

    2. Debbie…I am hoping to do this walk also. Maybe about the same time as you. Are you interested in walking with someone. I have walked the 88 temples 1200 km and the Appalachian trail 3500km in the last 18 months and am eager to do a short walk. I would be interested in tenting. Even if you are only interested in walking alone I would love to hear of your plans and also any information you can find as so far my maps are merely gleaned from the salvado webpage. My e mail is

    1. Hi Fiona, thanks for your note. We hope to have the newest version of the trail confirmed shortly and the map booklet printed in due course. Will let you know when they are available, as well as post them on our website store.

  3. Hi LA, I would love to purchase a map booklet too, we plan to do the course in September – will it be out before then?

  4. Hi, like others I’d be interested in a map. I walked the Echidna Trail in Walyunga National Park today, and there were guide signs marked “Pilgrim Trail”. Is this the same one and is there effectively a marked trail all the way? Thanks… Peter

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