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The final piece of the jigsaw


Shibish_Julimar Pilgrims-10

After a very long gestation – it took three patient years of inquiries, emails and phone calls, but we got there eventually – we now have a Licence to walk through an area known as the Buffer Zone which allows walkers uninterupted access through two sections of Julimar Forest.

After a great meeting with Kylie Binks at RDL, the process rapidly accelerated and once we’ve put our money in their bank, then we have permission to walk through some fantastic countryside which is just an hour away from Perth!

Colin, L-A, Maggie and I have also explored the track through Julimar and it’s gorgeous with beautiful ecology and even the Emu and Kangaroos popped past to say Hi! So take a huge bow for all your great work DPWA! As an added reminder, I also brought home a few ticks too – so don’t forget to dress appropriately whenever you walk through the bush (I omitted to spray myself with insecticide) and take appropriate precautions – and even then check your skin when you get home!

And finally, thanks to Mohammed Tadjuddin and Jane Pelusey, we now have this wonderful Website which we will be working on in the weeks and months ahead.

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So come and join the story of the Pilgrim Trail