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The Bushfire Terror


Courtesy Channel 7 News
Courtesy Channel 7 News

Australia is a tough country. Todays news of bushfires raging in the Bindoon area after a day of 44C heat reinforce that fact.

The fire has been burning through the Military Training area on a 5km front and moving at 450m per hour. As I write it is described as being ‘out of control’. Not only is wildlife threatened, but farms, homes and livelihoods are all at risk. I have seen and experienced the terrifying power of such fires and they are truly awful things. Our hearts and prayers go out to those who are suffering as a result of the bush fires and our heartfelt thanks go to those volunteer fire services personnel who risk all to fight them on our behalf.

When it comes to re-building, we should all do what we can.

Talk in York of linking to the Camino Salvado


Photo courtesy of the Kalamunda Post

A recent article by Sally McGlue in the Kalamunda Post has aroused interest in linking the historical town of York to the Pilgrim Trail™ which joins Subiaco to New Norcia. Since it’s inception in 2009, the Pilgrim Trail has been evolving as it tries to follow the way of Rosendo Salvado, the pioneering Spanish Benedictine monk who came out to the Swan River Colony in the 19th century.

Over the past 5 years event walks from St Josephs Church in Subiaco have seen groups of Pilgrims undertaking the Camino Salvado to the monastery town of New Norcia. With increased usage of the Trail by more diverse groups of walkers, contemporary pilgrims and school groups too, it is exciting that York has shown interest in linking to the Pilgrim trail.

We look forward to seeing how this expansion of the Pilgrim trail will play out.

2015 looks like being a very exciting year for the Pilgrim Trail™ and the Camino Salvado

Camino Salvado 2014

Embrace the future with courage and hope
Embrace the future with courage and hope

It’s been a week of showers and sunshine for the first Camino group of 2014 but it certainly hasn’t dampened their spirits! John Bell who has “shepherded”  the pilgrims along The Way reports that it’s been a wonderful experience for them all. Today they walk along Old Plains Road in the sunshine and into New Norcia.

With Holy Cross College and students from Nagle College Geraldton also using the Trail the experience that is the Pilgrim Trail will  spread out into the community and echo what a wonderful resource it is for all Australians.

At a meeting with DPaW on Friday we’ve added a link to their Fire Alert page so that all walkers can check to make sure that there are no “Burn offs” in the section they intend to walk through. So please do check it out before you start your walk.

We are also going to add some basic safety directions for walkers should the unexpected happen, so keep an eye out for that soon.

Otherwise, with the recent rain and now the sunshine, it’s a great time to experience the wonders and heritage that lie along the Pilgrim Trail.

The final piece of the jigsaw


Shibish_Julimar Pilgrims-10

After a very long gestation – it took three patient years of inquiries, emails and phone calls, but we got there eventually – we now have a Licence to walk through an area known as the Buffer Zone which allows walkers uninterupted access through two sections of Julimar Forest.

After a great meeting with Kylie Binks at RDL, the process rapidly accelerated and once we’ve put our money in their bank, then we have permission to walk through some fantastic countryside which is just an hour away from Perth!

Colin, L-A, Maggie and I have also explored the track through Julimar and it’s gorgeous with beautiful ecology and even the Emu and Kangaroos popped past to say Hi! So take a huge bow for all your great work DPWA! As an added reminder, I also brought home a few ticks too – so don’t forget to dress appropriately whenever you walk through the bush (I omitted to spray myself with insecticide) and take appropriate precautions – and even then check your skin when you get home!

And finally, thanks to Mohammed Tadjuddin and Jane Pelusey, we now have this wonderful Website which we will be working on in the weeks and months ahead.

So post your comments, your pictures and your videos ….

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So come and join the story of the Pilgrim Trail