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Camino Salvado 2014

Embrace the future with courage and hope
Embrace the future with courage and hope

It’s been a week of showers and sunshine for the first Camino group of 2014 but it certainly hasn’t dampened their spirits! John Bell who has “shepherded”  the pilgrims along The Way reports that it’s been a wonderful experience for them all. Today they walk along Old Plains Road in the sunshine and into New Norcia.

With Holy Cross College and students from Nagle College Geraldton also using the Trail the experience that is the Pilgrim Trail will  spread out into the community and echo what a wonderful resource it is for all Australians.

At a meeting with DPaW on Friday we’ve added a link to their Fire Alert page so that all walkers can check to make sure that there are no “Burn offs” in the section they intend to walk through. So please do check it out before you start your walk.

We are also going to add some basic safety directions for walkers should the unexpected happen, so keep an eye out for that soon.

Otherwise, with the recent rain and now the sunshine, it’s a great time to experience the wonders and heritage that lie along the Pilgrim Trail.

The mapping starts

Camino Salvado1a copy
St Jospeh’s Church________Dom Salvado________St Mary’s Cathedral

Today I started the process of mapping the official pilgrim trail so we can create a Everytrail Guide. For the untechnical, Everytrail is a phone app that maps the route you walk step by step. We can add photos and points of interest along the way. We can upload that and add audio commentary and lots of extra detail. The public can then download the map and guide information. It’s a great app.

We started at st Joseph’s on Salvado Road in Subiaco, the pilgrim trailhead and headed east. Mapping and taking photos takes a bit longer that we thought, but we got to Claisebrook by lunchtime. The biggest issue is not our leg stamina but the phones battery stamina. Mapping with GPS connection drains the battery fast, two phones lasted nine kms.


This first part was a great mix of urban and nature, old and modern, plus lots of coffee opportunities along the way. Particularly like this quote on the Bali memorial in King’s Park.

Embrace the future with courage and hope
Embrace the future with courage and hope

Next time we start from Claisebrook to Guildford