Official Launch 1 March 2016

The Pilgrim Trail was officially opened on 1 March 2016 by her Excellency, Kerry Sanderson, Governor of WA.

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We are grateful for the strong support provided
by the City of Subiaco for this event.


Her Excellency The Governor of Western Australia, the Hon Kerry Sanderson
Trevor Walley, Noongar Elder
Abbott John Herbert, New Norcia
Duncan Jefferson, Chairman of the Pilgrim Trail Foundation
Colin Ingram, Board Member of PTF


Her Excellency with students from Mercedes College and John XXIII College
Lachlan Skipworth, composer and flautist and accompanist

Photo by Richard Jefferson

Her Excellency with the Board of the PTF







8 thoughts on “Official Launch 1 March 2016

    1. HI Sarah, We would love for you to attend on 1 March, 2016. We have placed your name on the invitation list.

  1. I like the idea of the launch but you have made it far too complicated.
    We walkers should not have to struggle through websites only to find we need to install an EventBrite app…. More passwords etc.

    And a donation should be asked for on the day….. Not as part of the EventBrite application.

    Not a Brite way to attract community support.

    1. Dear Patrick Cornish,

      I would like to assist you if I may. The installation of an app is not necessary. Once registered, an email with a pdf is sent direct to your inbox, which can be printed off or displayed on a smartphone screen without an app. As with most public events, management of numbers is required for health and safety reasons which is why registration is required. But we are flexible and willing to assist anyone who is unable to register online by registering their attendance through confirmation of email and I am happy to do this for you should you decide to attend. One of the reasons behind the organisers having to choose Eventbrite was because privacy issues prevented us from sending emails directly to the walkers which was our preferred choice of communication.However, since contact details could not be provided to us, we were left with either not getting the word out to the walkers, or going through EventBrite. We did not wish to have the walkers left out.

      A donation is an optional feature on Eventbrite. You should see in the details that the event is free and it does say that a donation box will be available at the event should anyone wish to support the maintenance of the trail. The Pilgrim Trail executive has put countless volunteer hours and in some cases their own finances into developing the trail from conception to reality. In addition to being able to make a donation on the day as you suggest, the donation feature was added to Eventbrite for those who choose to do so by credit card or direct deposit as it was not possible to have those electronic facilities available on the day of the launch. So, as you can see both options have been made available to assist people wishing to support the trail.

      Please let me know if I may assist you to register by email instead of through EventBrite, or if you have any more questions. Thank you again for your time to provide feedback.

  2. Hi,
    I also would like to attend the official launch on March 1 2016.
    Please include 2 friends who would also like to attend.
    There names are Beverley Nicholson & Beryl Moss.
    Thank you, I’ll await your reply.
    Lorraine Tee

    1. Hi Lorraine,

      WE are happy for you and your 2 friends to join us for the official Launch on 1 March at 2PM. Please bring a folding chair or picnic rug to sit on. Will you also be participating in the walk to the trail head following the event? I will need to confirm your numbers, so please let me know. Sincere thanks, L-A

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