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First Pilgrim Trail Board of 2015



With the two Camino Salvado Pilgrimages by St Josephs in Subiaco already full, more Colleges becoming interested in walking the trail and individual walkers wanting to “do their own thing” MMXV looks like becoming a seminal year in the development of the Pilgrim Trail. We also discussed creating a Sister-link with the Camino De Santiago and have initiated discussion with the regional Government in Galicia to get the ball rolling. We are also planing to extend Membership of the Pilgrim Trail to the wider community and are working on “Member Benefits” to go with it. But the big news out of the Board Meeting is that we will officially launch the Trail at Easter 2016 with a special walking group that will include some of the original walkers from 2009. If you’re interested in being part of this Historic event, please contact us early as interest will be huge!

If you want any information about us please contact us at

The Bushfire Terror


Courtesy Channel 7 News
Courtesy Channel 7 News

Australia is a tough country. Todays news of bushfires raging in the Bindoon area after a day of 44C heat reinforce that fact.

The fire has been burning through the Military Training area on a 5km front and moving at 450m per hour. As I write it is described as being ‘out of control’. Not only is wildlife threatened, but farms, homes and livelihoods are all at risk. I have seen and experienced the terrifying power of such fires and they are truly awful things. Our hearts and prayers go out to those who are suffering as a result of the bush fires and our heartfelt thanks go to those volunteer fire services personnel who risk all to fight them on our behalf.

When it comes to re-building, we should all do what we can.