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The mapping starts

Camino Salvado1a copy
St Jospeh’s Church________Dom Salvado________St Mary’s Cathedral

Today I started the process of mapping the official pilgrim trail so we can create a Everytrail Guide. For the untechnical, Everytrail is a phone app that maps the route you walk step by step. We can add photos and points of interest along the way. We can upload that and add audio commentary and lots of extra detail. The public can then download the map and guide information. It’s a great app.

We started at st Joseph’s on Salvado Road in Subiaco, the pilgrim trailhead and headed east. Mapping and taking photos takes a bit longer that we thought, but we got to Claisebrook by lunchtime. The biggest issue is not our leg stamina but the phones battery stamina. Mapping with GPS connection drains the battery fast, two phones lasted nine kms.


This first part was a great mix of urban and nature, old and modern, plus lots of coffee opportunities along the way. Particularly like this quote on the Bali memorial in King’s Park.

Embrace the future with courage and hope
Embrace the future with courage and hope

Next time we start from Claisebrook to Guildford

Another step in the right direction

Maggie and I were up checking out the exit from the Buffer zone around the Military area to Old Plain road via Bullingar road. The great news is that we’ve found a DPWA fire trail through that area which means that we just have to walk it – with their permission of course!

Shelter in a Wandoo tree

I found this fabulous tree as we walked along and I hope that you get a chance to get your photo taken there soon too! I’ve also added a couple of more Accomodation links on the map for that day so that you can arrange your accommodation with them if you need it.

Happy walking.

Marking the Trail

Maggie and I were up in the Swan and Chittering Valley today marking the areas of the Trail that need highlighting. Most of these routes are striaght forward. For example, West Swan Road heads due north, you cross the Reid Highway and then start looking out for Douglas Road on the right: no need for trail markers on those long straight sections.

But we’ve put them up just after you cross the bridge having left Guildford as the walking path is on the eastern side of the road and the best way of crossing the road is to loop around under the West Swan road to get there.

Also is marked where you need to cross the Great northern highway: access to Cathedral Avenue in Brigadoon: the exit from Stock Road to Lower Chittering and Shadey Hills View: and finally, a marker to make sure you see the Bridal path that leads to Chittering Road.

The colours in the vinyards and in the whole countryside are glorious in their autumnal foliage, and with the recent rains, the river below Bells rapids was very impressive.



Recent AGM of The Pilgrim Trail Foundation

This was held on 6th May. This was a successful Meeting which highlighted how close we are now to launching the Trail and opening it to walkers. There are still a few necessary items that need completion, but we hope with a small fundraising campaign we will be able to finish the job soon.

We have asked an IT expert to help develop an App for the Foundation so that walkers can “value add” their experiences along the trail. We are also working with DPWA so that the State Forest segments of the Trail are fully appreciated and experienced.

We look forward to very soon being able to invite you all to join us on the Pilgrim Trail.

king of the kids!

The final piece of the jigsaw


Shibish_Julimar Pilgrims-10

After a very long gestation – it took three patient years of inquiries, emails and phone calls, but we got there eventually – we now have a Licence to walk through an area known as the Buffer Zone which allows walkers uninterupted access through two sections of Julimar Forest.

After a great meeting with Kylie Binks at RDL, the process rapidly accelerated and once we’ve put our money in their bank, then we have permission to walk through some fantastic countryside which is just an hour away from Perth!

Colin, L-A, Maggie and I have also explored the track through Julimar and it’s gorgeous with beautiful ecology and even the Emu and Kangaroos popped past to say Hi! So take a huge bow for all your great work DPWA! As an added reminder, I also brought home a few ticks too – so don’t forget to dress appropriately whenever you walk through the bush (I omitted to spray myself with insecticide) and take appropriate precautions – and even then check your skin when you get home!

And finally, thanks to Mohammed Tadjuddin and Jane Pelusey, we now have this wonderful Website which we will be working on in the weeks and months ahead.

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So come and join the story of the Pilgrim Trail