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Camino Salvado 2010: Part II

Maggie and I met up with the second group of walkers of the 2010 Camino Salvado at the State Equestrian Center at Brigadoon. It was a hot days walking and they were most grateful to be able to drop their “bundles” and and take off their boots in the shade of the trees surrounding the paddock next to the center. The “cannon” reticulation device came as a refreshing surprise as it showered us all when we least expected it! The staff were most friendly and left us to our own devices whilst food and drinks were happily eaten. Then Hamish, the CEO, invited us inside and what an amazing surprise that was. This is a world class facility here in our own backyard, and most people don’t even know it exists! Like most organizations, it relies on the goodwill of its supporters, and these need all our help, if we are to maintain this awesome facility. 
I urge as many of you as possible to take a trip out to Bells Rapids for a picnic, but do stop at the Center in Cathedral Ave, and you wont be sorry! Even better, join as a member and enjoy the spectacle of indoor riding!
Whilst the walkers are walking, Colin and I are still working on the northern alignment of the trail and are in talks with stakeholders that will hopefully lead to a better, safe, more enjoyable experience. We also need sponsors and members to help fund what is ahead for us: to be able to sign and tell the story of the Pilgrim trail! So please, send me an email to indicate your interest and I will get back to you.

Camino Salvado 2010

Since we completed the Camino a couple of weeks ago, life has been hectic in the flow on effect.

Lyn at rest
Colin, Maggie, Ean and myself have reviewed the trail and found possible camping sites along the way which is very exciting: so it’s back to relevant Shires to continue the conversation with them.
Also, the sheer enthusiasm from the walkers after walking the 22kms along Old Plain Road and not on the Highway has renewed our vigor to find the elusive alternative that will take us from Bindoon to New Norcia a long way away from albeit friendly, yet scary truckies!! We have identified a number of possible routes and are in negotiations with the relevant authorities: it all just takes time, but we’re not in a hurry – we just want to do it well!
Thank you to those who have dropped me emails, keep them coming as I really appreciate them.

splendid isolation

Camino Salvado 2010

What an experience!! Maggie and I, along with 25 other walkers have just completed the walk from Subiaco to New Norcia. To say the scenery was spectacular is an understatement! Once we’d got over our tired feet, we went back with Colin Ingram our talented trails consultant, to review the trail so far: he’s very impressed.
king of the kids!
A big breakthrough was to bus walkers for the last day from the Highway, inland 10ks to Old Plains road and walk to New Norcia that way: instead of trucks and road trains, we met one car in 4 hours and the views were stunning with the Canola crops a blazing yellow all around!
Colin and I both agree that the race is on the re-align the last couple of days with the view of finishing via Old Plains road. If any of you have any insights or suggestions, we would be very happy to hear from you.
Another groups from St Josephs Church is due to leave in a couple of weeks and the scene will have changed as the Canola will be cropped and the cereal crops more advanced, so nothing stands still in nature.
Walking the whole trail reminded me that we have so many stories to tell along the route: the adventures of Dom Salvado as he set out to establish the New Norcia Mission: his work with the indigenous peoples: the stories of the Nungyar people in Walyungar: the story of the Swan river and the Swan River Colony!! This trail will be such a treasure for the whole of Australia.
There are other ventures that we are investigating to complement the trail, so watch this space!