The Pilgrim Trail® and the Camino Salvado ®

What began in 2009 as a one-off idea to walk from Subiaco to New Norcia in Western Australia, has now evolved into a permanent walking trail. The Pilgrim Trail® is about storytelling, and once you’ve walked its 185 kilometres you’ll be able to share your stories too. The Camino Salvado ® is the way of Dom Rosendo Salvado – a  Spanish Benedictine monk who came to Australia in the 19th century. The Camino Salvado ® follows The Pilgrim Trail® from Perth to New Norcia.

Photo by Richard Jefferson
Pilgrim Trail Foundation members
Dr Duncan Jefferson and The Governor Kerry Sanderson opening the trail

1 March 2016 – A wonderful Official Opening Day of The ‪PilgrimTrail‬® and the Camino Salvado ®. A remarkable accomplishment by a small group of dedicated citizens.

The Pilgrim Trail® is a contemporary pilgrimage where the journey itself can be as important as the destination. “When you walk the trail, you become the trail”, Noongar descendant of the New Norcia mission.

The Journey – It began with the idea of taking time out to think about who we are and where we are going in our lives.
The Inspiration – It was established and inspired by Fra Rosendo Salvado, a Spanish Benedictine who came to serve the Indigenous people in the early Swan River Settlement in 1846.
The Spirituality – Discover the ancient Aboriginal cultural heritage of Western Australia. Deepen your understanding of the European Christian influence that arrived here in the last two centuries as you walk the Camino Salvado ® – the way of Salvado.

The Pilgrim Trail® not only links the city with the bush, it also links us to our past and to our future.

The Camino Salvado ® is your journey too. By following the Way of Salvado, you too can  leave your footprints in the story that is The Pilgrim Trail®

I have been thinking about the Camino as I have been mowing the lawns , and it is truly amazing what your group have done in such a short time . The impact of the experience on our group was so profound and positive, that it a makes me think you are changing the world – 24 people at a time! We in turn will promote a multiplier effect and who knows where this may go ……… are all very good people. Thanks.”
Brian & Heather.
August 2015

The Pilgrim Trail Foundation is a Not-For Profit organisaiton with a small group of dedicated volunteers who have worked on the creation and development of the trail. Donations are always welcome to help support the development and maintenance of the trail by direct deposit to: The Pilgrim Trail Foundation BSB: 086 488 A/c no. 168582833


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Video presentation of origin of Pilgrim Trail 


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